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Studie Ferienpavillons Kazan, Russland
  • Jahr
  • 2007
  • Art
  • Studie / Vorprojekt
  • Kosten
  • ueber 5 Mio
The building site.
Situated directly at the northern edge of the "Golf Kazan" resort, the intended site for the cottages is the ideal place to be for a weekend trip, a golf tour or a skiing holiday. To provide optimal accomodation for the clients, the finally possible stage of construction could be a fully equipped holiday resort with all institutions fitting numerous needs of the holiday makers: a beach resort at the Volga banks with boat rental and seaside promenade, mountain‐biking and running trails in the forest, and last but not least a "Village Center" with bars, restaurants, shops etc. Altogether the holiday resort occupies the complete area between the north‐south connecting road and Volga. An area with a perfect arrangement, closed in itself, connected to golf course, ski resort and the numerous sport and recovery possibilities at the Volga. Besides the building they provide generous lawn and gravel surfaces, shady seats under groups of trees as well as several car park spaces.

The cottage.
The dominant construction material of the buildings is wood in form of pre‐fabricated elements, the range of possible unit dimensions begins with the basic module with approx. 20 x 20 m resulting in 327 m2 floor area, representing the smallest pavilion class which can be acquired. It provides two generous bedrooms with bath, kitchen, a large dining and living space with generous terrace as well as two guest rooms and two parking lots. The cellar can house a wellness area with sauna and a wine cellar. Based on this basic module many different realisation variants are conceivable, e.g. with different second upper floors, external seating places, roof gardens etc. Also internally many different variants are conceivable, e.g. with twostorey air spaces, galleries etc. The modern Chalets are oriented to the southwest, i.e. optimal exposure to sunlight as well as the view in direction to the Volga banks are ensured with all pavillons. Generous glazed surfaces connect the interior to the nature, the use of native wood strengthens the connection to the surrounding environment. Besides the advantage of simple manner of construction, the concept of flat roofs matches perfectly the topography. No client’s dwelling will be disadvantaged by the lack of outlook or sunlight.